Morehouse builds 2 types of compressed air dryers:

  • thermal mass dryers where the heat exchanger is submerged in a storage tank filled with a water/glycol mixture to buffer the cold.
  • direct expansion dryers

Our compressed air dryers cool down the compressed air to condense the moisture. The water droplets are eliminated from the air flow by means of a cyclone separator and are subsequently discharged by the drain. Consequently, problems caused by humidity in the network and the compressed air systems are prevented.

We offer a wide range of dryers matching the capacity of all brands of air compressors.

On demand we can adjust our compressed air dryers to your specific requirements:

  • high ambient temperature
  • (sea) water-cooled
  • outdoor installation
  • 60Hz operation
  • bespoke colour
  • ...

Our dryers use proven, easy to read instrumentation and are built with components from reputable manufacturers.  This strategic choice, the robust concept and our dedicated craftsmanship guarantee a high degree of reliability and quality.